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Live And Grow Young
Arthur Edward Stilwell



During the last six months the subject matter of this book "Live and Grow Young" has been given to me in my sleep by those in the spirit world.  Their logic appealed to me.  I had always resented the seeming injustice of the short span of man's life.  But, when my unseen visitors informed me that it was possible to prolong life by following their advice, my interest grew until I impatiently awaited these rarely interrupted nightly talks.  Soon I came to realize that these disclosures were having a beneficent effect on my health.  I seemed to shed years; my viewpoint of life changed; elasticity came into my step.  No books I had ever read, no lectures I had ever heard had produced such an effect on me as this new revelation.  I not only noticed the remarkable change in myself but many of my friends commented upon it.  In giving this book to the public, it is my sincere desire and hope that the truth it reveals will benefit others as it has me.

All my life, even when a child, I have received messages from the spirit world and they have greatly influenced my life.  When I was 15 years of age my life's companion was selected for me by this choir invisible, and I was told that I would marry her when I was 19 years old, which I did.  The wisdom of their selection and my appreciation of it has been the paramount factor in strengthening my faith in these leadings.

From the plans and advice received in this way I have been able to build five western railroads, 2,500 miles altogether -- more than any other living man has constructed.  By this means I have founded forty odd cities and villages with a combined population of more than 125,000.  I was warned by my nightly visitors not to make Galveston the terminal of the Kansas City Southern Road because that city was destined to be destroyed by a tidal wave, which prediction was fulfilled, tragically, four years later.  Thereupon, I constructed the City of Port Arthur, Texas, and built the Port Arthur Ship Canal and Harbor under the same guidance, not deviating from the plans revealed to me in any way.

In 1910 they told me that a great war would appall and deplete the world and directed me to write a book on universal peace and dedicate each chapter to Their Majesties, George, William, and Nicholas, as the future peace of the world lay in their hands.  The book was published by the Bankers' Publishing Company, of New York, in 1911.

In September, 1914, my spirit friends dictated to me a second book on universal peace and indicated outlines for a League of Peace that I am convinced is workable and seemingly perfect.  In this book, they -- through me -- predicted the defeat of Germany; the breaking of the autocratic power of Russia; that Finland and Poland would regain their independence, and Jerusalem be returned to the Jews.  This book was published in London, January 1, 1915, under the title, "To all the World except Germany."  The third book, "The Great Plan," was dictated to me from the shadow land in 1917 and published by Hodder & Stoughton, London, in 1918.  It contains a complete plan for Universal Peace -- simple and practicable.

Since that date these messengers have dictated to me over twenty novels, some photo-plays and several songs, although I do not know a note of music.  The first novel, "The Light that Never Failed," has just been issued by Jerrolds, Ltd., London, and others will soon follow.  While the books on peace, like this message on "Live and Grow Young" came to me serially night after night each novel was given me complete in one night.  My mind's eye and ear visualized the scene and heard the text.  These books were dictated to me as plainly as anyone hears ordinary conversation and made such a vivid impression on my mind that I could reproduce them verbatim years later.  Since these novels and plays are only transcribed by me, I may be allowed to say a word in praise of them.  They are unusually clean, vital plots and will be a purifying power to uplift and fill a long-felt want in the photo-play world.

There is no doubt in my mind that these messages come from the spirit world, and that this circle of spirits communicates with me by this rare method is comprised of engineers, poets and authors.  Some say it is due to the operation of my sub-conscious mind.  I will not argue this.  This book is no brief for spiritualism.  It contains and exploits the message of "How to Live and Grow Young."  How these truths came and from whom they came, the reader may surmise for himself; it is immaterial to the author.  However, it is his earnest hope that the book will fulfill its mission and prove to be of great help to thousands.

The results he has achieved in this remarkable industrial development of his country during the past thirty years should make the reader receptive to this, his guidance, which if followed, should enable the follower to become the master mechanic of his body, to consider it an adaptable machine for the expression of harmonious actions in all organs and functions.  Thus, his years will lengthen and become peaceful and harmonious.

The question will naturally arise in the mind of the reader -- "IS the Author a spiritualist?"  In the common acceptance of the term, he is not a spiritualist and he has read very little on the subject.  He has never attended a spiritualist meeting and has encountered but one medium.  He is a spiritual-lists.  He lists for spiritual messages.  The definition of the real spiritual-list he gives to you as it was dictated to in in the following chapter.

He is fully convinced that death is but a passing to a new plane of consciousness and that this truth is more or les withheld from us so that we may not be distracted from our daily problems.  The knowledge of the reality of immortality has been revealed to a few in every age to keep the light burning on the altar of faith and the circle receiving these communications is ever widening.  The fact that messages are received from the spirit world by many is a foregone conclusion, and since a number of newspapers, led by the New York Evening World and the Boston Post have published the autobiography of the author relating these remarkable experiences, it has brought to him convincing proofs from others from all parts of the United States.

The fact that spirits can communicate with us is in itself of little moment, and there  may be great danger in attempting to delve too deeply into the unseen.  Messages that appear to be of vital importance to the world or to those who receive them, should be carefully weighed and not blindly accepted.  It is necessary to stay on earth, to keep calm and not allow the fact of being able to communicate with the next plane make the recipient a "nut"; for life can be wrecked if undue importance is given to this phenomenon.  It is better not to waste time waiting for them.  Attend to your daily affairs and when messages are received, weigh them well before acting upon them for the spirit, or spirits, that convey them   may be those whose advice, were they on earth, you would ignore.  Death does not immediately nor necessarily endow man with wisdom.  "Test the Spirits" according to Bible admonition.

While the experiences recorded in these pages are unusual, the author is not alone in this field.  Robert Louis Stevenson states that all of his novels came the same way -- in his sleep.  Socrates was in constant communication with the other world and states that the wisdom he handed down to man came from spirit messengers whom he called Darmones.

The author believes that the prevailing doubt in spiritual communication withholds this experience from many, but why should those who believe in the Bible doubt spiritual communication?  The Bible says "Try the Spirits," "Cultivate Spiritual Gifts," "Despise not Prophesying."

It shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams."

Abraham, Joseph, Pharaoh, Israel, Gideon and Daniel told their dreams, were impressed by them and acted upon them.

"Since Samuel's Ghost appeared to Saul, of course My Brother's Spirit may appear to me."

It was a dream that caused Joseph to take Christ into Egypt.  The Wise Men were warned in a dream not to return to Herod.  History is filled with records of dreams bringing about great reforms.  D. D. Home, the favorite psychic of kings during the reign of Alexander II, materialized Nicholas, the father of Alexander II, who recognized him and following his advice, freed 40,000,000 serfs.

It is said that spiritual messages to the Emperor Joseph of Austria induced him to grant religious freedom.  History tells us that John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, had spiritual manifestations in his home for over thirty years.  The Swedenborgian religion is founded on visions.

Joan of Arc changed the history of France by her vision from the spirit world.  From about the age of 13 she declared she heard heavenly voices which at last became very definite in their commands to go to the aid of Charles and liberate France.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sir Oliver Lodge, Maeterlinck, and a host of eminent and credible witnesses have had convincing proof of unending life, and if this volume helps to strengthen and establish this belief, and aids in the acceptance of the message "Live and Grow Young," the Author will be repaid; but even if the reader cannot accept it as a message from the spirit world, the logic in these pages will aid in the task all have before them of arresting the ravages of time and luring from each day and year, peace, health, and happiness.

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