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Live And Grow Young
Arthur Edward Stilwell


Chapter One

When a person is designated a spiritualist, those who are not of that faith usually think that the person mentioned spends most of his time evening after evening in some dark, musty, unventilated room, waiting for an unkempt medium to produce in time the ringing of a bell or a few notes from a banjo.  This may be true, as it is in a great many cases, but spiritualism is not this by any means.

Spiritualism is a power in the world for the development of faith in immortality, and it has come to stay, but frauds will be found among those that seek it and among those that expound it, and it must not be judged by its dishonest exponents.  It has brought great comfort of late to thousands.  Many of those who have turned to it for comfort may, as their sorrows are banished by the passing of years and other interests, forget it; but others will take it up and it will grow as the years pass on, but the real spiritualist of the future will insist that this word has two ll's - spiritual-list, - it will mean those that list for spiritual messages, - spiritual messages that come in all manifestations of God and nature.  The real spiritual-list will not need to neglect his home and rush each evening to some sťance, and sit with hands on the table hoping it will move and spell out a few words, but he will see evidence of spiritual life and its manifestations in all nature; in the reproducing of life; in the budding of trees and the fragrance of flowers; the roar of the sea and the song of the birds - all will speak to the real spiritual-list of God.  He may be a Jew, or Gentile, Mohammedan or Buddhist, and yet be a spiritual-list in the highest sense of the word.  All of nature will be a message from the unseen, and by this uplifting of thought he will see the truth in the twenty-third, ninety-first, and other psalms, and by listening for spiritual truths, they will seek him and he will hear them.  All of nature will speak to   him of the Infinite.  He will unconsciously feel he is part of the whole expression of God.  He will know that in the boundless space are paths that he will some day tread, and that the knowledge of them in its entirety is only withheld that he may not be distracted from the problems of to-day, all he sees and hears will just be notes from God and he will not need sťances to convince him of their truth.


It was just a note from God,
That came in the lily fair;
It was just a note from God,
Borne on the fragrant air;
It was just a note from God,
In the rainbow-tinted sky,
He drops them down that we may read
As the days and years pass by!

It was just a note from God
In the banked and angry cloud;
It was just a note from God,
In the thunder crashing loud;
They are all just notes from God,
Notes never writ with pen;
But on gaunt rocks and fields of flowers-
Notes to be read by men.

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