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Chapter Four

The mesmerism of years does more to shorten life than all the so-called disease germs of the earth.  It robs man of the needed life-giving, life-sustaining atmosphere on which the mortal body lives.  It takes from man the youth tints and colors that are necessary to produce youth and maintain it in all its freshness.

Rise above the mesmerism of years if you would retain youth.  Then the lines of age will not be manifest in your face.  You will stand erect at 100 or more and your step will have the elasticity of youth, for your thoughts and your viewpoint are building your atmosphere and will be reflected in your body.  After 50 the mesmerism of age slowly comes into your thought consciously or unconsciously; you remember your father's hair was gray at 55 and your grandfather's at 50, so you accept it as inevitable and do not attempt to resist it.  At 60 you daily think of the friends who are passing away and wonder how much longer you may last.  Pains come in your joints.  You accept them as an indication of years.  You give your system just the atmosphere needed to produce more pains.  There is no resistance.

Were you to find a burglar in your room attempting to steal you would resist him with all your power, but the greatest burglar of all --Age -- is not resisted.  Though fearing and hating it, you encourage it.  At 70 you daily think you are within five years of the so-called allotted span of human life and wonder if you will reach it.  One-half your time you consciously or unconsciously wonder how near the end you are.  You are weakening each hour the life atmosphere on which the body lives.  Could you see your atmosphere you would understand how weak it was becoming and how necessary it was to arouse yourself to a realization of the youth consciousness to combat this mesmerism of years.  At 80 you figure you have perhaps lived longer than any relative you can remember.  You expect weakness and accept decrepitude as your lot.  You accept the admonition of those near you that you are not as young as you once were and that you must be very careful; your atmosphere is depleted each day until there remains no life force to sustain the mortal body, and that which you greatly feared has come upon you.  Why not resist this the mesmerism of age?  It is not an impossible thing to do.  Think youth thoughts and age will lose its power.

Understand that Moses at 120 had perfect eyes and his natural force was not abated; that Isaac did not give up until 180 years of age; that Job lived to 140 years of age.  Smash the belief of three-score-years-and-ten.  Get in the Job consciousness.  If you cannot grasp that, fall back on the Moses consciousness and reach out for 120.  You are the master of years.  It is your inheritance to have and to hold life and you can do it just as long as your vision will allow you to build the needed atmosphere on which to feed your mortal machine or body --the atmosphere that allows it to function life.

If you cannot look in the mirror without seeing the marks of years, do not look until you have acquired the youth consciousness and allowed it to fill your mind and thought brimful.  Make a practice of smiling and your reflection in the glass.  It will make you look and feel younger and have a tremendous influence on your atmosphere.  Affirm youth before you go to sleep.  Affirm it when you awake.  Walk the streets full of the conscious conviction that you are young --that you are youth.  Feel life vibrating through you with each step.  Affirm youth and all it represents --bright eyes and glowing cheeks, elastic step and graceful bearing, and you will develop an atmosphere that will enable you to retain the natural color of your hair, your eyes will not grow dim, and you may as Moses did, reach the age of 120 with your natural forces not abated.

The late Dr. Metchnikoff of the Pasteur Institute of Paris said that men should  live to at least 120 years of age, so you see that Moses did the proper thing and while he led the children of Israel out of the wilderness, he also brought himself out of the old age thought which is indeed a wilderness for the majority of men.

There resides in New York a gentleman 78 years of age.  His hair has retained its natural color; there are no lines of age on his face and you would not consider he was over 45.  A friend asked him and his answer was --"I never allow age to enter my mind; I always think youth."  If this gentleman could do this, you can.  He understood How to Live and Grow Young.

The London Lancet a number of years ago stated a case where a woman went insane at the age of 20 and never realized the passing of years, always believing herself to be 20.  At the age of 79 she still retained the appearance of youth.

The above two cases prove age can be defeated by changing your belief and breaking the mesmerism of years.  If you feel any force or power is growing weaker or that you have lost it, run after it and command it to come back.  If your hand begins to tremble, do not accept it as a necessary affliction and expect it to grow worse and perhaps develop into palsy, for this picture has creative power and if your fear is strong enough your body will produce it.  Know that it is only the false mesmerism of years that has brought about this condition and break the mesmerism.  You can talk to your hand.  Command it to be still and assure it that it is just as steady as it ever was.  Tell it that you will not allow it to manifest anything but youth and command and demand it to gracefully perform its proper functions, and it will obey you, for you are the master of your body if you will assume the mastery.

Stand before the window each morning and for five minutes think of the sun kissing and gladdening the earth, just as vital and life-sustaining as it was ten years ago.  See all your faculties and the organs of your body just as vigorous as they were ten years ago.  Say a dozen times --I am strength, I am power.  Affirm this with feeling nad know that your word is law which cannot be broken by the false belief of the world and you will break the mesmerism of years and Live and Grow Young.

Emerson says, "We do not count a man's years until he has nothing else to count," so keep on moving, keep on achieving and give the world something else to count in your case.

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