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Live And Grow Young
Arthur Edward Stilwell


Chapter Nine

If the Kingdom of Heaven is within man, then he should employ a St. Peter as the doorkeeper of his mind, to watch all thoughts that desire to enter and reject the ones that destroy happiness and health.  What a host of discordant and unworthy thoughts try each day to find resting place in the human mind, and what a powerful influence they exert when once they have found lodgement; but, with the wary St. Peter on guard to help him, he instinctively rejects these destructive thoughts.  Take the thought of envy --one of the most destructive of all forces.  A person who is envious will try to kill the noble efforts of others by unjust criticism just because he resents his superior's ability which he does not himself possess.  He is lazy, perhaps, or lacks the ambition to work for the attainments or the accomplishments of those he envies, otherwise  he might in time reach to their level.

Have you ever attended a concert or the Opera with a musician?  If so, by the time you have listened to criticisms of the singers and performers and had your attention called to all their mistakes and imperfections, you probably have made up your mind never to attend a concert or an opera again with a professional.  These criticisms are often made by a person who  is standing still or making little progress in his profession, and so consumed with envy that he cannot enjoy good music.

If your neighbor has anything that you desire, do not envy him, but spend your time developing the ability to gain the same for yourself.  Instead of being envious of him, let his possessions inspire you to greater endeavor.  Envious thoughts will affect your health, disturb your rest, bring bad visions, develop hate and shrink your atmosphere; while if the old earthbound thought of envy is exchanged for the new thought of inspiration, hard mental work and constructive thinking will bring you success and untold blessings.  Be inspired by the lives of great men and their achievements.  If you are not envious, your acquaintance with these atmosphere will refresh you, give you courage and fill your mind with the ennobling desire and ambition to be like them.

Great minds are the light on life's pathway.  They are earth's natural luminaries.  They are persons who are continually sifting their thoughts, exchanging old thoughts for new ones.  They reach the heights by means of the light with which they are endowed.

Do not allow envy and inferior thinking to force you into the shade.  Do not recognize or feel imperfection.  Change the thought of imperfection for that of perfection.  Think of yourself as you want to be and know that your thought is creative; that what you create today you will realize tomorrow.  Use new thoughts to create, not old ones.  Always think of yourself as healthy and enduring.  Change unhealthful thoughts for thoughts of health, for physical endurance is a powerful asset.  Persevere against the thought of weariness.  Change the old thought of weariness for the new thought of strength.  See yourself strong.  Carry an atmosphere that reflects confidence and enthusiasm and proclaims to the world that life is, and has been, worth living and that you are going To Live and Grow Young.

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