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Live And Grow Young
Arthur Edward Stilwell


Chapter Five

From time immemorial man has sought the elixir of life.  Quest has been made in all lands for the fountain of youth.  It has been the dream of every age to extend man's earthly existence, but out of centuries of disappointment has come the knowledge the that the prolongation of life can never come from the without.  It can be only the product of within.  It is the thinking and living of life that will banish ears and give health to a man.

All things worth possessing have their price, but things that add most to your success and happiness cannot be bought with gold.  You may break the laws of nature, yet, by chance, live to a goodly age; but why depend on chance when there are laws that can be followed and depended upon?  Love has its price; peace has its price, and long life has its price.  Are you willing to pay that price?  If is not paid in coin of the realm, but in governing your thoughts, your acts and deeds; neither can you wait until the mortal body is a wreck and expect by paying the price at the last moment to secure youth.  You cannot begin too soon.  Thos who dissipate their fortune cannot remain wealthy.  Those who dissipate their days cannot hope to live to the years reached by Moses and other patriarchs.

Benjamin Franklin said, "Watch the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves."  Now, what is the price all must pay to gain added years -- To Live and Grow Young?  The price is constructive thinking; the understanding that you have the power to think creatively; that thinking youth produces youth; that by constant right thinking you can build around yourself a life-giving, life-keeping atmosphere that will not only add to your years, but bring happiness in your home life and success in business.

The laws of most lands protect the people by compelling druggists to put warning labels on bottles that contain poison, but there are thoughts more harmful than drugs from which there are no human laws to protect us.  Each individual must be his own watchman at the door of thought.  He should be on duty every moment --never off guard, for his atmosphere is made up of his thoughts and acts.  There are many danger signals along life's pathway which, if obeyed, will save wreckage.  You can, by attention, make yourself sensitive to these danger signals and in time almost automatically obey them.

To Live and Grow Young, you must banish hate, worry and envy.  You must cultivate sunshine and joy, and above all, you must use moderation in your eating, for your stomach by the improper mixture of food, generates deadly poisons.  These poisons destroy digestion and make you so miserable that you hate everything and everybody with whom you come in contact.  This in time destroys your health atmosphere.  Are you willing to give up foods you know are hurtful?  Are you willing to be master of your appetites, or will you be ruled by them?  Can you give up rich, highly seasoned foods for simple, wholesome food?

It is not difficult to do this.  Soon you learn to desire the simple foods and no longer crave the highly seasoned ones.  Uncontrolled appetites and desire for rich food is intemperance. Many of us eat our graves open.  We think we are eating food, while in reality we are eating years.  We are often amazed when the bill is presented to us after an elaborate dinner.  The cost seems exorbitant.  If the bill also showed the price in years the dinner had cost us, we would be horrified.  Life is lengthened by moderation.  Be moderate.  Consider before, not afterwards.  Do not jump at conclusions.  Think over the price you must pay for what you are about to undertake.

Do not amplify your business or home life just for the sake of splurging.  Do not borrow at your bank merely because you have credit.  Remember pay day comes and if it brings worry and anxiety, it shortens life.  If you wish a short, uncomfortable winter, make a large 90 day note in November.

It is stated that one of America's former railroad kings, having a bad case of grabitis, used up his life and strength recklessly.  With colossal plans but partially matured, he came prematurely to the inevitable climax that confronts all who do not consider the value of years.  He offered his physician, it is said, ten million dollars if he could prolong his life one year.  It could not be done.  He had not considered the value of years until it was too late.  On the brink of the grave his millions were powerless to buy even one added year.

The insatiable desire for power, to rival your neighbor, to be thought a good fellow, to have a better home than any of your friends often calls for great endeavor and the prodigal use of your force.  Pause and think what years are worth to you.  A careful man in any business venture counts the cost on the financial side, but not one in ten considers the cost in the value of years, yet it is even more important to do this than to consider the financial cost.  The financial obligations you may be able to meet, but it may cost you years of life to do it.

Cut your loss in the things that rob you of your peace of mind and take from you happiness and contentment if you would Live and Grow Young.

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