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Live And Grow Young
Arthur Edward Stilwell


Chapter Six

All things have individual atmosphere.  Our atmosphere is created by our acts.  By our material existence.  The individual creates it by his life, thoughts and deeds.  The hateful person has a disagreeable atmosphere; the kindly, loving person, a pleasing atmosphere.  People feel these individual atmospheres just as they feel the shade of the trees or an approaching storm.  The atmosphere of many public men and women is felt by thousands.  Some have lived such grand and noble lives that their atmosphere seems almost visible.  There are people who reflect such hope, joy and sunshine in their atmosphere that they make a rainy day seem pleasant.  Great lives leave behind them their atmosphere in the wisdom they have given the world which illuminates the earth.  This truth illustrates the phrase "wrapped in meditation."  When wrapped in the right meditation, we are immune from adverse influences and to be constantly wrapped in this meditation is to abide in the "secret place of the most high."

Not only has man his atmosphere, but each star has its atmosphere.  The earth is warmed by the atmosphere of the sun that draws the seed into expression and fulfillment in the budding of the flower and the waving of the grain.  You feel the atmosphere of the majestic cathedral, and upon entering it, though it may be vacant, the air seems charged with the presence of those who for centuries past have worshipped there.  Beautiful homes have their atmosphere of refinement and squalid homes the atmosphere of lack and discouragement.

Man is a dual personality --the soul that has existed from ever-was and will exist to ever-will-be; and the mortal body that is the temporary home of the soul.  The soul is the spark of the infinite.  The atmosphere is an envelope which is the product of thoughts and deeds, and is created for the expression of life.  It is this that supplies the life force or principle that keeps the mortal body alive.  If it is a weak atmosphere, it iis a weak body --a weak expression of life.  It registers the    hopes and fears and is more sensitive than the plate of the camera.  The mortal body can only die when the atmosphere that envelopes it dies and can no longer give it force; therefore, the more youthful and vital our thoughts, the stronger and more brilliant will be our atmosphere and the greater power will be generated for the the body.

The 91st Psalm, understood and lived, gives man a vital life-producing atmosphere and promise of long life is given to those who dwell in this concept.  Those who live the truths on which this Psalm is based will have such a strong, vital atmosphere that pestilence cannot reach them.  There will be no terror by night and no fear of the arrow that flieth by day.

The secret of long life is in strong, vitalizing thoughts of youth, free from the belief and fear of age; in kind and tolerant thoughts, free from hate and impatience; in tranquil  thoughts that prevent slight discords from growing into greater ones. 

Feed your atmosphere with life-producing thoughts, acts and deeds, with greater care than you feed your mortal body and you will Live and Grow Young.

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