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Live And Grow Young
Arthur Edward Stilwell


Chapter Seven

The rain may fall on the just and unjust alike, but some seem to live on earth not alone in a rain but a deluge; some deluged by so-called blessings and some by obstacles.  The deluge of blessings in the way of worldly riches and  prosperity is much harder to stand than that of adverse circumstances.  The deluge of blessings in the majority of cases weakens and produces little to show for in manhood or womanhood.  Those born in a deluge of blessings, unless born to the inheritance of a throne, and their name necessary to show an unbroken line, are seldom known to the second generation while virtually all of earth's luminaries were born in a deluge of adverse environment and conditions.  One is amazed in considering their lives, how they survived and became such strong characters.  The sons of the rich, seldom, if ever, have saved any nation or people.  The deluge of blessings and opportunities have engulfed them.  The world could not exist overnight on the product of all the hot houses on earth.  Our existence depends upon that which survives in God's pure air that withstands the drought and deluge.

The hot house product --those born in marble halls-- are like the hot hose plants.  They do not live in the atmosphere of sturdy, ennobling desire.  Their lives are artificial, not self-created.  They wither when out of the environment others have created for them.  They need gardeners.

The Saviors of the world have stood the deluge of adversity and like the oak on the mountain tops, buffeted by the winds and tornadoes, have sent their roots deep into mother earth and become strong and sturdy, drawing nourishment seemingly from the very rocks.  They have developed such a radiant atmosphere that it is as wecome to man as the shade of trees.  They, like Noah, have weathered the deluge and left us blessings great in the wisdom expressed in the lives they have lived.

"No pent up Utica contracts their power,"
God and achievement brought them their hour.

The deluge of opportunity usually leaves those born in such surroundings noting to express.  They have no strength of mind to develop sturdy manhood, while those born in a deluge of want and adversity make their own opportunities.  The emery of adversity has sharpened their faculties and enabled them to withstand the deluge.  Their world and their place in it has been the product of the within, the product of a strong determination which has been developed like the muscles of the athlete until it is like sword steel.

So let all those born in a deluge of adversity realize that while the path may be stony and the road long and rough, there are opportunities ahead of them and a golden future if they will remember that they are on that great highway that practically all of earth's benefactors have trod and that each seeming obstacle, if surmounted, has only strengthened their atmosphere and brought the desired result nearer.  It is from such conditions that achievements have come, and that the worthwhile men have in nearly all cases reached the splendor and glory of an historic name by weathering the deluge of adversity in the Ark of Hope with the hatches of doubt and despondency down until the deluge has passed and they are resting safely on the mountain top of fulfillment.

If a hot house product, leave the stifling atmosphere; come out where you can be your own gardener and exist on your own atmosphere.

To those born in a deluge of adversity, it is for them to create, build and develop a name and place in the world, while perhaps not so lasting as the granite hills, will yet be engraved on the hearts of men and as the generations pass, lustre will be added to their name and so journeying, break the mesmerism of age, reach the golden heights of achievement the fruition of their endeavors.

Understand that the fable of three-score-years-and-ten is only a fable.  To Live and Grow Yong is one of the greatest achievements of life.  Realize that it is possible with the same vision as the victorious future was discerned, to cause the mesmerism of age to be broken, and those who have been victorious over the deluge of obstacles and not been engulfed by adversity, can climb to any height.

To all born in a deluge of adversity comes the possibility that they may break the mesmerism of years and remain on earth to enjoy the fruition of their endeavors.  They will indeed be among earth's greatest benefactors, for to see that three-scour-years-and-ten is only a fable, to be able to Live and Grow Young, is the greatest achievement of them all.

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