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Arthur Edward Stilwell


Chapter Eleven

One of the paramount reasons why people do not Live and Grow Young is that they put in most of their time in defending the wrong right.  The moment any remark is made bearing on something which they may not believe in or agree with, they take exception to it and start acrid arguments to exploit their view of the question.  If anyone were to protest in a friendly way with them for the unpleasant words which they have allowed to flow over a trifling matter, their answer is always the same, --it is my duty to stand up for my rights.

A great many people think that the world and everyone they meet is conspiring to deprive them of their rights, and, usually, in their fervid effort to protect these alleged rights, they are perpetually in hot water and all who come in contact with them try urbanely to keep the conversation in channels that will not call forth the volcanic eruption of vocabulary which has grown to be a habit.  These people always think that someone is stepping on their feet.  Judging from their perpetual peevishness you could imagine that their feet extended all over the earth.  They develop such disagreeable mental atmosphere that even their best friends shun them.  They are sacrificing days that should be days of  happiness and years of life force, depleting their energy and reducing their life-giving atmosphere.  They are protecting the wrong right.

Homes all over the world are made veritable hells by the husband or wife nearly all the time endeavoring to insist upon their viewpoint, fighting for the wrong right, and leaving the right right out of sight and unprotected.  If these people, who are always defending the wrong right, would spend their time fighting and standing up for the right right, they would make their home and the world an Eden.

Everyone has the right to be happy, the right to live and grow young, the right to be successful, the right to have a happy home; but few  people fight for these rights.  To fight for the right right calls for just the opposite tactics that are used in defending the wrong right.  In fighting for the right right, peace, long life and joy, kindness must be used to soften harshness; life thoughts must be used to neutralize the visualization of age; love must be used to dissolve hate; peaceful attitudes and peaceful words must be employed to make harmony of discord.

Fire is extinguished by water, not by more fire and if those who are angry or unhappy, would use kindness to extinguish the outbreak of unkind words, they would be pleased and surprised to learn that this is the most skilful method of extinguishing the fire of discord at its inception.  Otherwise, there will be a conflagration of words and acts that may destroy the home or business, cause days of misery and perhaps serious illness.  It is so easy to return harsher words for harsh ones; so difficult to give the soft answer that turneth away wrath.

It is assumed by botanists that the cactus of the western plains which is covered by long sharp spines, originally developed those spines to protect it from the hunger of the cattle.  These spine-covered cacti are thought to be the descendants of cacti that formerly grew without spines and that Nature evolved this protection to save the cacti from extermination.

The botanical wizard, Luther Burbank, has succeeded in producing a spineless cactus; he has removed the fear of the cactus that caused it to assume that spines were necessary for its protection.  In our daily contact with the world, let us strive to eliminate mental spines and burrs, disagreeable traits of character that are the result of fighting for the wrong right.

There are homes where the husband and wife are cultivating and growing mental burs and spines, poisoning the atmosphere of what might otherwise be a pleasant home until acquaintances are almost afraid to enter for fear of encountering a domestic explosion.  The unhappy home is usually a place where people fight for the wrong right.

Fight for the right right, and you will produce harmony instead of discord, and many barriers to health, success, and a long life will be removed.  You will Live and Grow Young.

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