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Chapter Twelve

The shop windows of successful, well ordered stores display their most attractive goods and those which are set forth as bargains.

Window dressing is an art, and those who are successful in this branch of artistry receive large salaries, for it is the store's shop window that is relied upon to attract trade and to display and advertise the goods in which the store deals.

All window dressers essay, as best they can, to have their shop windows attract your attention, to remind you of something you need, to suggest the purchasing of things you had not thought of.  A well dressed shop window is rich in alluring suggestion.  It is like a finger beckoning you to come into the store, and if the windows are skillfully dressed, they attract to the store hundreds of buyers each day.

Human personality is a distinctive shop window which plainly discloses the nature of the mentality that dressed it.  In this shop window is displayed traits of character and predominating thoughts which register deportment, conversation and carriage.  All this tells the world the quality of thought of each person just as graphically as the shop window tells the public what the store handles.

Your personality and your atmosphere are, indeed, your shop window, as is the canvas on which the cinema pictures are shown.  Your thoughts are the films that run through the machine.  The power of your mind is the light, and it would be  useless  to attempt by any cleaning fluid to erase the picture on the canvas while the light was on and the film in the machine.  Therefore, it is impossible to disassociate your thoughts from your personal appearance and atmosphere.  If you feel hopeless, you express it in your dress, even to the set of your necktie.  You express it in your carriage, and it is plainly written on your face.  There is nothing in your shop window to attract the things you wish to come to you.  Your shop window repels those, that, were it dressed attractively, would be drawn to you.  Therefore, it is most important to make a study of dressing y our life's shop window.

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