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Live And Grow Young
Arthur Edward Stilwell


Chapter Fifteen

To Live and Grow Young, you must realize the magnitude of creation and the simplicity of the law that governs it.

True religion is simplicity itself.  All law is simple when understood, but you do not appreciate this fact until you grasp the magnitude of God's universe.  Religion started with tribal gods.  Then, in time, God became universal and the worship of God was encompassed by creeds, dogmas and rituals.  Each sect had a form of worship that changed with time.  Few realize that this earth is not a special creation, but that it is part of a universe so great that it is in reality only a grain of gold in God's jewel box and that there can be no special Providence, no laws that govern this little world, that are not universal laws governing all creation.  Try and grasp the magnitude of this thought.

Imagine that you are on the farthest star, located by science, on the almost invisible rim of telescopic vision, equipped with a telescope much more powerful than any known to us.  You would then see as great a creation as that we have mentally visualized, millions of new stars, suns and moons from this new viewpoint, and even then you would only catch a glimpse of God's front yard, and realize that "In my Father's hose are many mansions, many planes of existence."  Now this universe composed of stars, suns, moons and worlds as numerous as the sands on the seashore must be governed by law, a universal law.

As civilization advanced, great teachers arose who taught glimpses of this law.  They were inspired men, for inspiration is spiritual influences, according to the dictionary.  All these inspired teachers were needed; others will be needed to lift man up to a greater grasp of the law.  The teachings of Christ, Buddha and Confucius had a great deal in common and Socrates discerned that the five senses did not give us the desired information of the principles of life.

Now, having partially grasped the magnitude of creation, let us consider the greatest statement ever uttered by anyone who ever walked the earth regarding the law that governs man.  Christ's simple statement, "To love God (Good) with all your heart and mind, and your neighbor as yourself."  He said on these commandments hang all the law and prophets, to live the commandments is in reality all the religion that is needed.  They cover all the law and embody all there is to the law that governs life.

If these commandments were obeyed, crime would be unknown.  No armaments would be needed, no standing armies, no navies, no jails.  These commandments are simplicity itself, the basis of all law and the foundation of happiness for all people.  The law that governs man is the law of sowing and reaping.  Sowing justice, you reap justice; sowing love, you reap love; sowing health thoughts, you reap health; sowing youth thoughts, you reap youth.  What you put into the world comes back to you with a bountiful increase.  This simple law needs no church but the heart of man.  It is universal and cannot be abrogated or limited by creeds.  Living according to this law is prayer without ceasing.

Man sometimes assumes that the law of the universe can be set aside, that he can be subject to a curse and that whatever he may do will be followed by ill luck.  The old idea that God is a God of wrath is still accepted by many and as long as they hold this belief, they will suffer the evil consequence of if.  The magnitude of creation does not permit of the setting aside of its law, to inflict curses, or bestow blessings.  Cures and blessings naturally follow our thoughts and deeds.  There is no happenstance.  Creation could not move in harmony with such a complicated plan.  Nature is impartial.  Principle controls all alike.  The reaching out with understanding brings it to us and it becomes our willing servant if we consistently apply the law. 

When the prodigal son was tired of a diet of husks, he returned to his father's house and was received with open arms.  It would have been useless to pray for the father's house to come to him.  It was his personal work to return.  The father was waiting.  The house had not moved and its doors were wide open to receive him.  He could have wasted all his days blaming his luck, thinking he was subject to a curse, when the lonely curse he was under was of his own making.  Miracles are not needed when we work with the law.  If the father, his home and the fatted calf, had come to the prodigal, it would have been a miracle.  People are often disappointed when desired miracles do not happen, overlooking the fact that the blessings they long for might easily be secured by working with impartial law and principle.  No blessing is withheld from anyone.  God curses no one.  All of his children can return home when satiated with the husks of misfortune and despair.

When weary with the ravages of age and all you imagine it represents, arise in thought and retrace your prodigal steps.  Return to the thoughts of your youth.  The living spirit of youth awaits you with open arms.  Do not sleep in the mesmerism of years.  Awake in the consciousness of youth.  Nature is always working and waiting for you as was the father for the prodigal's return.  The wrong beliefs, creeds and dogmas that line are way are only stumbling blocks. 

The Magnitude of Earth's problems dwindle into insignificance when we realize the Simplicity of the law.

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