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Live And Grow Young
Arthur Edward Stilwell


Chapter Seventeen

"To Live and Grow Young," it is necessary to conquer fear for fear is mortal mind's great ghost factory.  Understand you abide on earth under an eternal law and that law is --As you sow, so shall you reap.  Fear is bad seed to plant in the human consciousness for the harvest is worry, discontent, failing health and loss of years.

Try to make each day one of perfect harmony, harmony that comes with the understanding that you are one with the universal mind, one of the hosts of eternity.  Then your tasks of the day will be done without effort, for freedom from fear removes burdens from your path and enables you to look on the bright side -- to look up and not down.

Do not fear want, for such fear clogs the channel of supply; do not fear disease, for it blocks the path of the health stream flowing through your veins, which, unrestricted by fear, produces health and enables you to "Live and Grow Young."  Do not fear years for there is no reality in them.  There are no years in law.  You cannot imagine that there ever was or ever will be any age in any principle of mathematics, music or electricity.  They are just principles, and so is existence when free from the fear of belief of years.  Fear of years robs man of youth and all it represents.  Do not fear contact with people.  The lustre of the pearl is improved by human contact.  Let your contact with the world improve your lustre.  Do not fear the thoughts of others or their power to hurt or influence you.  The only power they have to hurt you is your own fear of them.

Do not fear malicious animal magnetism.  This fear destroys any person or organization that believes in it.  Affirm that which you desire and do not let that which you do not desire enter your mind.  Build a wall of thought so high that disease and death thoughts cannot reach you.  Do not rear the weather.  Do not fear days.  There are no lucky or unlucky days, but your fears make them so.  In principle there is no luck.  It never fails to act on certain days and work better on others.

Free yourself from any belief of the stars controlling your health or life.  They have no power to control you, and belief in astrology may rob you of a great future.  You were never under any planet and cannot be under any influence of planets, but you may be so filled with fear regarding your birthday that you will produce unfavorable conditions in life, the same as if you were born under so-called unfavorable planetary influences.  The earth is not under or over any planet.  It is just a very small jewel in God's good universe --a universe so great that words inadequate to express it.

Do not fear creeds, dogmas or church councils.   Do not allow any teachings of the past to cause you fear.  One of the greatest causes that shorten life is the fear of some disease hereditary in your family, but there is no reason for your dying of consumption even if both your father and mother did, except your fear that you will.  This fear will put you always on the watch for symptoms and if you catch a sever cold at about the age that your father or mother died with the disease, you think at once --here it is, my time has come.  You start the ghost factory working overtime.  You visualize this disease.  The cell life takes it up and starts reproducing this manifestation.  It is faithful to the picture you order.  You must understand that you have the power to release all this from your mind.

Some think that on account of members of their family only reaching 40 or 50 years, they must depart also about that time.  They persist in telling their friends that they came from a short-lived family and do not expect to reach more than the age of 50.  As that age draws near they accept all symptoms as indications of the approaching end.  The ghost factory is working.  The truth is they need not die young simply because several of their family did.  Surely some of the family should live to a good old age to average the family years, that is, to bring it up to the average age.  So if you wish to hold any thought, why not hold this one --"The chances are I will live to a good ripe age, for some of my family  must strike an average age."  As long as you must hold some thought, pick out a good life-producing one.  Do not select a bad belief, even if all your family hold to it, for it is only mesmerism and will bring bad results.

Many assume that if some of their ancestors possessed ungovernable tempers, they are justified in manifesting temper on every occasion, and if rebuked, they hide in the shade of the ancestral tree. They cling to the belief that this trait was wished on them and instead of trying to overcome it, vigorously defend it.  If they would know the truth about it, and destroy the belief that they are controlled by this law of heredity, the next generation would be improved.

No matter what your family traits may have been, you have the power to be your own master --to remake yourself and improve the stock that is to follow.  Have the courage to shake from the family tree this belief that an ungovernable temper is your heritage.  Allow nothing to annoy you or disturb your serenity.  Claim the mastery of your life and its problems.  It will put the ghost factory out of business, give you days of peace and longer life.

Write on the tablet of your mind the seventh verse of the first chapter of 2 Timothy --"For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind."

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