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Live And Grow Young
Arthur Edward Stilwell


Chapter Eighteen

There are two ways to live life --one as a hungry dog, snarlingly guarding a bone, or as a kitten, joyfully playing with a ball of yarn.  Which do you prefer?  As the snarling dog, you will be in endless conflict, people will dislike and fear you and rejoice at your misfortunes and failures; while if life's problems are met with a smile, you will attract people to you as does the sunny side of the street on a bright, cold day.   The perpetual snarl snarls up your blood, snarls up your liver and heart action, and shorten your life.  It comes high to own and hold snarls in your system.  Your destiny is the harvest of your thoughts, therefore you are master of your destiny.  You can paint it a harmonious picture, or a discordant one.  It is not pigment or brushes that will paint this picture, but your predominating thoughts.

The greatest possession for anyone in the building of the success atmosphere is a Smile Factory.  If you do not possess one, start at once, and if you do possess one, enlarge its capacity.  There is no power greater than a merry heart to produce and build up a healthy atmosphere and a Smile Factory is the establishment whose sole working partner is a merry heart.

The person who owns a smile factory is seldom defeated.  Some do not realize this, but imagine character alone is all that is necessary.  Character is an important asset, but when a partner of smiles, its values is doubled.  Smiles lighten your burdens, bridge disappointments, attract friends and help in all walks of life.  Smiles produce advancement in positions of trust over the heads of those who do not know the value of a smile.  The smile consciousness irons out the lines of care and worry that the passing years have etched upon your face.  It fills your atmosphere with pep until you may become a veritable dynamo.

For instance, take the salesman in a large department store with a vinegary atmosphere.  He can make customers forget what they came to purchase.  He can virtually drive them away.  He will seldom advance and will continually blame the world for his ill luck, while the salesman who owns a Smile Factory will attract customers, induce them to increase their purchases and continue to advance year after year.

Two men may attempt to get a berth in a sleeping car, in which there are only two berths left --an upper and a lower.  The conductor will feel the atmosphere of both men.  Both may have asked for a berth with the same words, but the man with the sunny atmosphere nine times out of ten will get the lower berth and the grouch will get the upper one and never understand why.

To build a Smile Factory just takes a little thought.  Train yourself to see the bright side of each problem.  Read jokes and funny stories and remember the good ones.  When the conversation is not pleasing, turn on a good story and see the effect of it.  We make light of the chestnut tree, but enjoy its shade, and its branches often protect us from rainstorms.  If anything has annoyed you on the way to the store, or office, walk around a block before you go in and think of some good joke.  Fix it in your mind; reflect it in your face as you enter.  The proprietor may be entering at the same time.  If your face is radiant with sunshine he will notice it.  If he does not notice it, he will feel your atmosphere.  It may be just the tonic he needs.  He will be attracted to you and more inclined to consider favorably your recent request for an increase.

Smiles are just cutting coupons from the Bond of Success and cashing them daily.  Smiles go a long way to win the sweetheart you so much desire.  Your rival may have more worldly wealth; nature may have endowed him with a more attractive physique than yours, but if all the advantages he has are plus a vinegary atmosphere, the chances are the product of your Smile Factory will win for you the day.  Smiles are the key that unlocks the good things of life.  Build a Smile Factory this very day and earth will commence to shower its blessings upon you.  Then, don't forget that age is only a man-made product.

Smile and smile again when someone talks to you of advancing age.  Laugh, and laugh again at the spectre of something that has never existed except in the minds of slaves enchained by conventional thinking.  Then, if you laugh hard enough and sincerely enough at this age-old delusion, it will never get near enough to overtake you.

Smiles are earth's tonic,
    The aeroplanes of joy,
That carry us o'er the valley of age,
     With a mind and soul of a boy.

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