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Live And Grow Young
Arthur Edward Stilwell


Chapter Twenty-Three

There is a road for all endeavors of life.  There is a road to health, happiness and long life which is open to all with no obstructions to progress save those we create or those we fail to remove when found.  There is a road to Success and Prosperity.  All of these roads are open to every human resident of earth, but few are sure which road they wish to take.  A great majority seem to be on the Broad Highway to Nowhere.  They resemble the traveler who asked for a ticket to Springfield.  The agent inquired if his destination was Springfield, Massachusetts, Illinois or Missouri, and the traveler replied: "Doesn't matter, whichever is the cheapest."

Most people desire health, happiness and success, but many take the road which calls for the least thought and effort.  The road to health is the most important of all roads to find.  Study the maps and guide books of this road as you would the maps and guidebooks of Europe if you were planning a trip abroad.  Give it careful attention or you will find yourself on the road to Nowhere which leads through the swamps of ill health and disappointment and ends at the graveyard.

When you have found the road to Health, you will find that you are likewise on the road to Happiness, for the roads to Health and Happiness are virtually one and the same.

More than half the world think that there are only four salient things in life: bed and three meals a day.  Many employers wonder how their employees get home at night, and are apt to attribute their efforts to instinct and not to mental effort.  Many seem afraid of thinking, for fear they will run out of thought.

When you make up your mind to do a certain thing and are convinced that it is the proper thing to do and that it deserves success; when you are satisfied in your own mind, do not ask everyone you meet his idea about it.  To do so is equivalent to consulting the sign post on the road to Nowhere.  Remember that the man who really desires to do right has, in the long run, twice the power of the man who wants to stop him.  All the good in the world remains after the finder passes on.  It's not lost --it's just waiting around for some other finder to use it.  The road to Success cannot be found by liars.  Liars travel on the road to Nowhere.  A liar must keep books and note down the kind of lie he told and to whom he told it.  A truthful man has only to refresh his memory.  It saves bookkeeping on conversation.

Truth is a vital power in prolonging life, for those who deal in untruths (Mark Twain says there are eight hundred and sixty-nine kinds of liars) are always more or less worried for fear of being found out, and worry constantly travels the road to old age.

If you are ashamed to walk the streets with yourself; ashamed to go to bed with yourself, you are on the road to Nowhere.  Those on the road to Success keep confidence with themselves and their fellow-men.  Nature is on the   side of the honest man and works with him.  The secrets of Nature are revealed to the honest man, the man with a clean conscience and a clear vision.  Honesty and integrity are powerful mental and moral disinfectants.

Honest endeavor is an ingredient of God's dynamite to blast open the secrets of Nature.  Nature never jokes, never plays tricks on those searching for knowledge, but rewards them with its rarest blessings.  Those who use God's dynamite, honest endeavor, invariably receive their reward; perhaps not in the form of the Legion of Honor, but certainly in the Honor of Legions of earth's worthwhile people.

Those on the road to nowhere will find life anything but attractive.  The only consolation for them as well as their fellow-men lies in the probability that, through having followed the wrong road, they will die young.

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